[Wine] Getting Alibre Design to work...

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 11 22:38:39 CDT 2010

bigseb wrote:
> I have just downloaded and installed both winetricks and dotnet20. And next? Do I have to configure anything. Must I reinstall the software (Alibre, that is)?
You can try running the program and see what happens.  If it does not 
run properly, start with a fresh Wine prefix:

mv $HOME/.wine $HOME/.wine{,.backup}

and then run winetricks again (you should still have the .NET 2.0 file 
in the winetricks cache) and then install Alibre.

Run the program from the terminal 

If the output before the program stops is more than one screen, you can 
capture it to a logging file and then post the file contents to a site 
like pastebin.com. 

Then post the URL in this forum thread so that someone can go out and 
review it and make suggestions on how to fix the resulting problem(s).

James McKenzie

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