[Wine] Office 2007 black artifacting in wine >1.2

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 12 10:17:23 CDT 2010

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>Subject: [Wine]  Re: Office 2007 black artifacting in wine >1.2
>So are there any options other than hope the next Intel driver isn't broken in Office?
We can all hope that Intel writes the best video drivers for Linux ever seen (I have an interesting property in Las Vegas you can buy.  It's right on the strip and even crosses water.)

Actually, I would AM surprised that Intel video chips work with Linux AT ALL.  I was involved with a now 'defunct' desktop operating system in the early 1990s and Intel actually makes ATI look bad for the level of support they provided.  Towards the end of its existance, however, ATI was THE brand to buy for that OS.  Now, it appears that nVidia is THE brand to buy, if you can, for the best Linux experience.

James McKenzie

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