[Wine] Re: Best games running in Wine + native

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 12 11:42:55 CDT 2010

Oh, oops, you mean suggestions for making videos? Let me check my games! I have a lot of 2D games that you could perhaps pack into a single video to demonstrate overall 2D performance.

I have tried listing the games that I feel are a bit more well-known and/or commercial products, as I have a TON of little indie games, good and bad. :P

2D games:
- Eversion (available very cheaply on Steam);
- Dink Smallwood (free, a Linux version does actually exist but the Win version works great under Wine too);
- Almost all of PopCap's games seem to be working great. (Casual gamer appeal?)
- Septerra Core (epic PC RPG, available cheaply on gog.com);
- Cave Story (free);
- Icy Tower (free game by Free Lunch Design);
- Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (beautiful little platformer by Epic Megagames, not sure where to get);

3D games:
- RealMYST (works, but performs somewhat poorly on my laptop with 1.2Ghz dual core Athlon 64 X2 processor. Definitely playable under 640x480.) (Game also available on gog.com);

Uhh... Seems like I mostly have 2D games for my Linux install. Hope that helps, anyway.

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