[Wine] Deus Ex: Invisible Wars on Steam - Cannot launch

Javier Kohen jkohen at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 12 15:10:24 CDT 2010

Hi, as some of you may know, there were some issues reported recently about
the Steam version of this game not starting. Presumably the solution was to
compile wine 1.2+ with a recent version of GCC and binutils, so that the
copy protection software could hook certain functions. I've done this, and
I've posted some details in the bug tracker (

The In-game Steam Community works for me now, which reportedly is a sign
that the above steps went well. However, Deus Ex: Invisible Wars still won't
launch. The pop-up error window reads "Application Error: Problem starting
up Steam."

I'm using Wine 1.3 that I compiled myself, but I get the exact same error
with Ubuntu's package for Wine 1.2, which, according to reports of several
people on Wine's bug tracker, doesn't meet the compiler requirements I
mentioned at the top.

I have a bunch of DLL overrides created by winetricks when I installed dx9,
VC Runtime 2005, 2008, .Net 2.0, XNA RT, MSXML 6.0, PhysX. I believe
everything else is pretty much standard, and those are needed by most games
anyway. Many other games work just fine.

Anybody can help me diagnose the problem? Is anybody able to run the Steam
version of this game?
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