[Wine] Re: How to fix the SSL/https problem?

Tw3aky wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 12 18:42:55 CDT 2010

In any case, your not the only one with the problem, Schuttwegraeumer, me thinks, cause i'm having it too. Can't be sure though, cause the error appears for me in the winhttp module. 

err:winhttp:netconn_secure_connect couldn't verify server certificate (12157)

This happens when a game i'm trying to get working on OS X 10.6, namely Anno 1404 (a.k.a Dawn of Discovery), tries to connect my online profile.

It appears the latest version (9.0.1) of Codeweavers 'CrossOver Games' has the same issue, cause i couldn't get that part working either. After some reading up on this matter, i realized i'ld have some compiling to do anyway, so decided to install wine with macports and give it a try and see if it worked this way. But no luck.

A pitty you didn't get through the hassle of the regression tests and file a bug report, cause imo you were going pretty well there.

Anyway, as i don't have any reference of a version of wine that does work for this game, i will do some more testing in the next couple of days and if i do find a working version, read up on the regression tests part and file a bug-report myself.

Keep you posted...

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