[Wine] Re: Getting Alibre Design to work...

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 13 09:15:51 CDT 2010

bigseb wrote:
> My graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 8400. Ubuntu sees it as such. Alibre, for some reason sees it as an 8300!?!?
> Disabling the AGP Stencil Buffering makes no difference.
> If I install the winetricks directx must I first delete the .wine folder, install the directx then reinstall the program (same routine as last time?)

It's good you have an nVidia card, because they have the best Linux drivers. Make sure you are using the proprietary driver.

You shouldn't have to reinstall just to install directx. However, before you do that, please post console output from running the app. Looking back, I see that this app also requires IE6, and that could be the problem rather than directx (or it could be both).

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