[Wine] Microsoft Messenger (Why?)

Renan Birck renan.dream at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 16:56:41 CDT 2010

Em 12-08-2010 23:06, James McKenzie escreveu:
> Since Messenger is a Windows product, I NEVER expect it to work in Wine
> with a webcam.
> Try some of the Linux alternates to this very broken product.
> BTW, there is a nice tutorial in Wine's Applications Database on how to
> get this program to work, minus webcam,
> James McKenzie

The problem is that Microsoft sometimes changes the Messenger protocols, 
thus breaking the Linux alternatives.

I have to keep a Windows VM around for when I need to use a webcam or 
audio/video in MSN (rare fortunately, most of my contacts already use 


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