[Wine] For Mac OS X users... Xquartz and RandR.

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 14 16:12:06 CDT 2010

Just as a note.. Xquartz is going to have RANDR capabilities in Xquartz 2.6.0, thanks to the work of Jeremy Huddleston and Jan Hauffa.

Right now on Macports if you install xorg-server-devel it will be a build with what is currently in of RandR... its still not totally finished, but it would be nice if some Mac Users could test how it works so far with Wine... if we find bugs now, it could help lead to a better initial release  :-)

for those that don't know...
RANDR will allow you to have fullscreen/rootless and resolution switching correctly.

While it seems to be working rather well for me in a X11 way.. Wine isn't too happy with quartz-wm window manager.. or something between them, so best to turn off window decoration.  xrandr is also working better than Wine is... and I'm not sure if some of the issues are with Wine or with Xquartz

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