[Wine] special settings for p5B-VM mainboard?

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Mon Aug 16 11:21:43 CDT 2010

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>Subject: [Wine]  Re: special settings for p5B-VM mainboard?
>hereiam wrote:
>> Especially Anno 1503 can be started but if the details are set to "high" it works very slow. Or could it be that this GPU "Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3000 (Intel® GMA X3000)" is too weak for this game?
>Intel's Linux drivers are very poor. Even if this game works on that hardware in Windows, there are likely to be
>problems in Wine because of the graphics driver. NVidia has the best Linux support.

Intel drivers support basic functions in Linux.  Wine stress-tests these functions in manners that the driver creators never envisioned.  Yes, nVidia drivers are the best for Linux/Wine, for now.  It is recommended that you get a later model nVidia card, if you system will accept one and if you are not using a laptop/netbook.

James McKenzie

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