[Wine] Re: Uninstalling Software and/or réinstalling Ubuntu/wine

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 17 08:44:57 CDT 2010

dorsai wrote:
> two questions regarding WINE 1.3
> 1) how can I uninstall a software ? When I chose, under WINE MENU ENTRY "uninstall", I have some screens with instructions, but the menu entry for the uninstalled sofwares remains and the software remains also... how to remove all ?
> 2) If I réinstall my OP System (Ubuntu 10.04), and I réinstall WINE, assuming of course that my "home" directory does not change at all, will I be able to use all the softwares previously installed (since they are in /home/user/.wine) or must I delete this directory and réinstall everything again ?

1) http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-9893ae50079ca7a959258f0bc9a17aaf2e69b391
2) You should not have to reinstall the software in ~/.wine.

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