[Wine] Re: Hardware manager

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 17 08:47:29 CDT 2010

rasterman wrote:
> Hi all ,
> I'm from Germany and need your help.
> I use a telephone switchboard from the German Telekom.
> The Software is only for Windows but I like to use it with 
> Ubuntu 10.04 and wine.
> With Windows you have to install the Software this way.
> 1. install the capi-driver ( is for the switchboard)
> 2. install the Software( to handle the switchboard)
> 3. unplug the usb-cable and restart the Computer
> 4. after restart the hardware manager comes up 
> show where  he can find the capi-driver and all works fine.
> I've installed the capi-driver and the Software with wine but there
> came no hardware manager  up.

Windows hardware drivers don't work in Wine.

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