[Wine] Re: The .dll files

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 18 06:26:32 CDT 2010

1blah111111 wrote:
> I have heard that there are some .dll files in wine that are faster than the ones in windows, i have a dual booting vista and ubuntu system, and i have a server that i'm looking to turn into a gaming pc, but i'm not going to buy another copy of windows, so i have installed ubuntu onto it, and am going to import the .dll files from windows, each and every one of them, but since there are some .dll files in wine that are faster than the windows ones, i obviously don't want to overwrite them just to use a slower .dll file. So i have to ask, which .dll files are faster in wine than in windows?

While some DLLs may have faster implementations of some Windows stuff, there is one main issue:

They were written for Wine, not Windows. They're a bit different internally, so you'd need to get (part of) Wine running in Windows to get them running, and at that point, the speed benefit may be 100% gone.

Besides that, a lot of the more important DLLs probably can't be replaced on Windows at all due to the fact they're implemented differently. As far as I know, only Wine's implementation of DirectX would work, and that one definitely isn't faster than Windows native DirectX.

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