[Wine] [Wine 1.3] Access to "/" for Windows Applications

Lastcoder wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 18 07:42:53 CDT 2010


Wine is a great tool, especially for newbies like me that switched from windows to linux.

But there something, I really don't understand. When I configure Wine I can link pathes to "windows drives". I deleted "Z:", I deleted the links to desktop and so on. But every native windows application is able to see the hole linux path structure (which is naturally windows unlike). It's right - it's not possible to open any file, BUT I can rename or delete any file ... 

If WINE is no Emulator but a compatibility layer - what is said against disabling access to any path / file structure out of the configured pathes ? It is even possible to deny access to different pathes in windows itself by catching the file access routines - more than ever it should be possible when writing wrappers / mappers to linux kernel functions, am I right ?

So long


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