[Wine] Game is slower 2x than on Windows

jordan johnston triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 08:55:26 CDT 2010

Hey Mitar,

> on ANY linux and ANY wine version exactly 2 times .
> For example on Windows I have 40 fps and in same place 20 fps on wine,
> 20 fps in Windows and ~10 fps on linux.
> I was trying lot of "wine tricks" without any effect.
> I have also installed the most up to date Nvidia drivers.
> also in console wine is throwing TONS of :
> Code:
> fixme:d3d:state_swvp Software vertex processing not implemented.

That looks like something graphically, that is not used by wine. I'm
sure you got that impression too, though.

> It don't helps if I redirect stderr and stdout to /dev/null
> Except low fps I have mouse problems - rotating camera using mouse is not smoothly it is sometimes slower and sometimes faster - it's "flickering".
> Only becouse of this game I am forced to sit on Windows :/
> I am open to any suggestions.

Have you checked out the "useful wine registry keys"????


there is probably some useful tweaks in there for you.  I utilize a
few, but my focus isn't gaming. Read through the page though. I see
there are tweaks for graphics cards.

I believe if you google a bit, you can also find a post in the ubuntu
forums, that is all about "wine and gaming".
The writer of that page, offers some good tips for gaming in wine,
tutorials and just good tricks in general...
there are also tweaks for Nvidia cards in linux, that might improve
your performance, as well.  Most of these, would be tweaks in Xorg.


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