[Wine] Kontakt doesn't respond to Akai USB MIDI Keyboard

jordan johnston triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 20:09:23 CDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 5:09 PM, Cosmo Lee <cosmolee at cosmolee.com> wrote:
> Ubuntu 10.4, Wine 1.1.42, Native Instruments Kontakt 4, Akai MPK88
> I've installed Kontakt (sampled musical instruments).  Sound is working OK with the OSS driver, but the program doesn't respond to the USB keyboard. :-
> ( The keyboard shows up in `winecfg` under "Audio", OSS, MIDI In/Out devices.

Why aren't you using ALSA????  you will want to expose Kontakt/wine to
the alsa driver,
snd-usb-audio. This driver is plug and play with the AKAI MPK. I own the MPK49.
OSS is sort of a dying driver, ALSA/Jack is what you will want.
Also, i am not sure if OSS even would implement midi for our devices....

> I checked the MIDI options for the Kontakt program and it DOES show the Akai keyboard - so the program knows the keyboard exists.  I've got it set so that
> device "Midi 1" is set to "Port A".  I've also tried setting to ports b,c,d, but no luck.
> I don't have jack or ASIO running yet as I want to troubleshoot one thing at a time.

You will want to get both Jack running, probably jack2 (1.9.5) and the
Latest WineASIO code
compiled and installed. Kontakt works great in linux.

> Is there something additional that needs to be done for USB MIDI keyboards to work under Wine?

Nope, just use alsa, and select it in winecfg as your audio driver.
from there everything
should work perfect. The usb midi will work  fine, just make sure your
keyboard is plugged in before you open your wine app, otherwise it may
not show up. In the end you will want to use jack for audio apps like
this, just so you know!

I use All of my Native Instruments plugins under Linux.


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