[Wine] Re: shift-starting applications

motub wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 18 22:56:44 CDT 2010

awambawamb wrote:
> it is appropriate, for some executables. there are debug options on certain programs, as well as tweaking functions.
> So i ask again, is there a way to tell wine "launch this application making the application believe that there's shift pressed"?
> thank you again
 I don't know (though I doubt it), but what occurs to me is that there may be a simpler solution.

If pressing Shift in Windows while clicking on the application shortcut starts the application with 'debug options or tweaking functions', those options or functions are command-line options, right? Presumably they are documented.

So why not just run the alternate command-lines in a terminal when you want to use them, or create a duplicate shortcut and edit it to use the alternate command line? Or, even more esoteric, it might be possible to write a short script to detect the keypress and then run an alternate command line for the application under wine... whether or not Wine has an internal function to detect keypresses, I'm almost certain that Linux itself has a user-accessible function to do so.

It might be time to start thinking 'outside the box', so to speak. You're using Linux, not Windows. You don't have to expect that you're limited to doing thngs the same way that Windows does it, to accomplish the same task.

Hope this helps.

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