[Wine] Kontakt doesn't respond to Akai USB MIDI Keyboard

jordan johnston triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 23:16:34 CDT 2010

hi Cosmo,

I will explain a few things quickly, that might help your
understanding a little.

OSS - is the old sound drivers for linux

ALSA - is the newer implementation, and default linux-audio drivers.

Jack - is the low-latency driver.  It is cross-platform. On linux, you
will either run OSS or ALSA as Jack's backend.
While on a Mac, you would use "core audio" for the backend. So that
being said, You will still require ALSA for jack to work. As ALSA is
communicating with your hardware and provides alsa-midi, as well.

Jack is like ASIO and REWIRE in windows. (sort of) it also can provide midi

As far as sound quality goes, you will want to use 44100, as that is
CD quality. 22100 is fairly low-quality, don't use that.  there is
your answer!

As far as recommended reading, there is a ton of it. First, i would
ask what Linux Distro do you use?
what are you trying to accomplish, ie: a DAW, or a "live type environment", etc.

If you can get back to me on this, however, this strays big-time from
the wine-dev list, so i would ask
you to just send ME a message, rather than having it posted on this list.
But yes, i will take a look through my bookmarks, i am sure there is
some goodies in there for you.
get back to me, and i will have a look.


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