[Wine] Game is slower 2x than on Windows

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 19 13:33:45 CDT 2010

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>I noticed you mentioned Intel and Nvidia, what about ATI?  How do the drivers & performance compare on ATI
>graphics cards?

Same as the others, better than Intel, worse than nVidia.  The good part is that there are several projects working on the publically available information and AMD/ATI actually had or has a presence here.  I've read mixed reports on the latest Catalyst drivers (10.7).  I know that I should work more on this with the older model cards (Rage Mobility.)

One item I will mention is that one really, really good video card may be really, really bad in another machine/Linux combination.  I would NEVER buy a video card for use with Linux without a 100% money back policy.  Of course, the local computer shop really does not want to do this, but maybe they will test it for you before selling it to you.  Remember, someone has to pick up the repackaging costs somewhere.

James McKenzie

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