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>dimesio wrote:
>> DOCoSPADEo wrote:
>> > sorry for double post, but I'm using Wine 1.2
>> > to be honest I'm not using wine directly, I'm using crossover games.  So how do I update it?
>> Crossover isn't supported here; they have their own support forum. Ask there.
>Nice hospitality, I came here because Crossover uses wine right?
No, Crossover makes changes to the Wine code that we cannot support.  They have their own (paid) support folks to find and eliminate problems running programs with it.  If the problem comes from Wine, they feed back the fix to the Wine project and do on a daily basis to improve Wine.

Again, if you are using CrossoverGames, you have to go to the CodeWeavers support site and report it.

Comment: It is very odd that you would get a problem the day after the release of Wine 1.3.0 as they just finished incorporating Wine 1.2 code.

James McKenzie

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