[Wine] Game is slower 2x than on Windows

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 19 15:45:58 CDT 2010

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>I have an ATI HD5730 graphics card.  Since this graphics card has OpenGL® 3.2 support as well as DirectX® 11
>support, does this mean it might run better than an Nvida Graphics card that only has lets say OpenGL®
>2.1/Directx® 10 support?

Yes and no.  Even though the box says that, look at what it supports under Linux.  If it supports OpenGL in hardware, than that has to be built into the Linux drivers so that the video card's GPU is doing the work and not the mainboard's CPU.  This would be a great improvement over current open-source drivers (you listening AMD/ATI?)

Again, nVidia has the best Linux drivers for all of their product line, AMD/ATI is next and Intel last (and it may not be the quality of the drivers in the last case, it may be the low quality of the graphics chipset/GPU).

James McKenzie

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