[Wine] html rendering and gecko on a winmx install wine 1.1.11

labud wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 19 20:34:29 CDT 2010

opensuse 11.2  64 bit

I have downloaded and compiled/installed wine 1.1.11, so that I may use a windows program called  WinMX 3.54b4 [32 bit] on my linux opensuse distro.  I had been advised that Wine versions higher than this do not work well with WinMX.  At the end of the compile it tells me that libgphoto2-32bit was not found and that cameras won't work.  I check in Yast2 to see if it can be installed and find that it is installed.   I uninstall and reinstall it and run the compile again but it still tells me that it is not installed.   I am not planning on using any windows camera software, so I ignore it and carry on with the make and make install.  Wine is finished and I navigate to a browser [firefox] so that I can downloadl my WinMX from a website and install it.  I install winmx thru wine and it goes fine up until the 1st start instance of winmx.   All of a sudden I get a popup window [Wine Gecko Installer] informing me that my application is trying to show an html page,  [WinMX is a P2P  music and chat program][listed on this site]  and that wine needs gecko to do this.  Click Install to do this.  
So if I click install it just hangs and nothing happens.  If I click cancel, Winmx opens and does its thing.  
I have done some googling and came up with this info:
I went thru the steps and still nothing changed.  Did a little more digging on WineHQ site and found I needed a different version of gecko for The version of wine I am using.  Went thru steps  again, but still this window pops up and hangs when I click the install button.
How can I get this gecko to either install or go away.
I have not had any of this happen before and I have installed and also complied a few different versions of wine and the gecko thing always was ok before too.  Is it because I am compiling a 32 bit wine on a 64 bit system?   I followed the directions for this very closely and had no problems before re: dependencies, etc.  The prior versions that I installed on this 64 bit system are version 1.0  and version 1.2.  I had no problems and they worked fine.  I cannot figure out what I am doing differently or wrong.  Please help.  Thank You.

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