[Wine] No wine command

jordan johnston triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 22:12:56 CDT 2010

hi CheatCat,

> I runned ~/Program/wine/wine winecfg and get the config dialog, but I dont see any wine section it the applications menu, every program I installed with wine goes on Lost & Found.
> What I want to do is to start a program by just typing wine myprogram.exe rather than have to tell where wine are like ~/Program/wine/wine.


doesn't actually exit, so if that is what you are running, that might
be the problem.

- what happens if you double-click on an .exe file?
- open a terminal type "wineserver -p", then opn a task manager, and
see if wineservfer is running... (is it???)
- do you have wine in your applications menu?
- What Distro of linux are you using?
- What version on Wine are you using?

this would all be helpful for us to know.

It is possible to have your wine program start just by typing the app
name from the console.  It would involve using possibly, some shell
scripts in a directory, add that directory to your PATH. then your
scripts could execute wine/settings/and finally the app.  by doing
this you could end up with being able to start a program, by any name
you gave the script.

You'll need to read up on writing shell script, though.


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