[Wine] Re: No wine command

hero_hont wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 20 01:57:46 CDT 2010

jordan johnston wrote:
> hi CheatCat,
> > I runned ~/Program/wine/wine winecfg and get the config dialog, but I dont see any wine section it the applications menu, every program I installed with wine goes on Lost & Found.
> > 
> > What I want to do is to start a program by just typing wine myprogram.exe rather than have to tell where wine are like ~/Program/wine/wine.
> > 
> > 
> "~/Program/wine/wine"
> doesn't actually exit, so if that is what you are running, that might
> be the problem.
> - what happens if you double-click on an .exe file?
> - open a terminal type "wineserver -p", then opn a task manager, and
> see if wineservfer is running... (is it???)
> - do you have wine in your applications menu?
> - What Distro of linux are you using?
> - What version on Wine are you using?
> this would all be helpful for us to know.
> It is possible to have your wine program start just by typing the app
> name from the console.  It would involve using possibly, some shell
> scripts in a directory, add that directory to your PATH. then your
> scripts could execute wine/settings/and finally the app.  by doing
> this you could end up with being able to start a program, by any name
> you gave the script.
> You'll need to read up on writing shell script, though.
> jordan

thanks about you commend..
What I want to do is to start a program by just typing wine myprogram.exe but it don't run..can i forget edit it. but after i will run the wine command still..
 :(  :(

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