[Wine] Counterstrike Source: Monitor turns off when starting

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Fri Aug 20 04:25:53 CDT 2010

On 2010-08-20 (August, Friday) 08:07:27 LukasW wrote:
> it crashes after 2-3 mins. And it crashes so hard, i cant even get control
> with magic-sysrq keys.
> ...
> This time magic-sysrq was working, so i was able to make a clean emergency 
> shutdown

	Wine is an user-space application - it can't crash the kernel or X server. 
Your problem isn't related to Wine, it is (with almost 100% probability) 
because of buggy video driver. Theoretically you can report the problem to ATI, 
wait for some months, then retest, then report next problem... Or you can try 
practical approach and buy NVidia card and play your game now (assuming Wine 
supports it, find the entry for your game in AppDB to be sure). There is no 
sarcasm in my message. This is the way it is.

	ATI drivers have so many bugs in them that you very likely to find them in many 
3D applications, especially on Linux (in my personal experience they drivers 
for Windows are much better but still worse than NVidia's; on Linux NVidia is 
only practical choice if you want to play games or use 3D CAD applications).

	Anyway, if you see that your X server or kernel crashing - you know that you 
are dealing with problem not related to Wine in any way. However, Wine often 
triggers some "hidden" bugs in video driver, so this is why many people 
mistakenly think about such problems as Wine bugs. If this happens, no matter 
what video card you are using, you should report it to the manufacturer of your 
video chipset and hope they will fix the problem for you.

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