[Wine] Strange behavior of command line parameter passing to linux

lovyagin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 20 05:47:17 CDT 2010

Using Far Manager under wine (version 1.2) and trying to open files from command line with native linux application (for example: to play a media with vlc) I've found that parameters are passed to program very strangely (possibly bug or feature?)

For example, if I run 
vlc "media 1.wav"

it passes two parameters instead of one to vlc: "media" and "1.wav", so file can't be opened properly. Nothing like 
vlc \"media 1.wav\"

 helps. However redirecting stdout or stderr output turn parameter passing to normal: run 
vlc "media 1.wav" 2>anyfile

 or even 
vlc "media 1.wav" >nul

 and vlc receive one parameter "media 1.wav" as it should and plays file properly. Well... any ideas?

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