[Wine] Re: [Wine 1.3] Access to "/" for Windows Applications

Lastcoder wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 20 15:37:55 CDT 2010

Hi folks,

obviously we talk at cross purposes or I simply don't understand you. First thanks for the winetricks tip ...

I don't want Wine to be a sandbox .. a sandbox - in my understanding - not simply denies access to files but can undo changes to any part of a system like registry entries or file changes ..

What it does for me is simply the following:

If an application requests from the underlying API some drive or pathes listings it does it the way "getfilenames 'C:\*.*'" (sorry for the pseudocode, I don't have a readable win32 api reference here)

When WINE implements the windows api, why the hell do the - by wine itself implemented ! - file functions return the full listing of "/" instead of what is mapped to "C:" - and only this !  That means in that case the API file function implementation could and should only "return /home/user/.wine/somepath/*" if "C:\*" was requested. The same is for rename, open, read and so on. Of course - let Wine and the applications - and the user - do whatever they want to do to that files, but only with that files that are unlocked through the mapped drive .. and if I'd like to have access to "/" I could map it to "C:" ...

Nobody would suppose I would desire a Sandox if I Wine was a Webserver or a FTP Server that lists files outside the configured www-root or upload and download pathes ...

Maybe the behavior of Wine is a feature and not a bug - then I don't see any advantage of that .. I guess it is from the technical point of view much more complicated to deny read access to listed files of "/" like WINE does than to deny the listing ...

Hope my desire is now a little bit clearer ..

'So long


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