[Wine] Bugzilla should be application oriented

fernandocarvalho wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 20 15:45:32 CDT 2010

I think that Bugzilla could have an option to join all issues that are related to an specific application.
For example, if someone is testing Oblivion, there should be a place where we can relate every issue that is happening to Oblivion.
So, instead of filing a new entry on Bugzilla, people could only add another issue to an application.
In this way, people can provide more info about an application and developers can follow the behavior of applications on different wine versions.
This will also reduce the amount of entries that appear on Bugzilla.
An advantage of this is that should be possible to wine users automatically submit their execution logs.
This would help increase the amount of valuable data to the developers.

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