[Wine] Re: [Wine 1.3] Desktop integration with .msstyles

motub wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 21 06:31:10 CDT 2010

Lastcoder wrote:
> .. doesn't work for me. I'm running a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 with wine 1.3.
>  If I open the desktop integration tab an try to install a theme the winecfg hangs. Installing a theme to windows/resources/themes doesn't help - it is not show in the list of themes after a restart ...
I am running LinuxMint 9 (which is based on and compatible with Ubuntu 10.04) and wine 1.3 (although I installed the themes I use under 1.2) and they're working fine for me.

In fact, I just installed a known working theme into my current WINEPREFIX's winecfg, and it installed and showed up fine in the list.

So my question would be, how precisely are you "installing" the desktop themes you desire to use? I found it necessary to unpack the archive to a folder (which I keep in a designated 'storage area') prior to running winecfg and selecting the extracted *.msstyles file. It appears that only the *.msstyles file of the selected theme is copied to /windows/resources/themes/themename (I didn't change themes to the theme I just installed from the theme currently in use, and only the msstyles theme from the theme currently in use is in my windows/resources themes), but even so, it must need the theme resources (the textures) available in some way in order to display them.

And I would expect that if those resources were not available, the application would crash (required file not found will always cause any application to stop cold), hence my question as to your installation procedure.

Hope this helps.

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