[Wine] BabasChess

linuxconvert wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 21 18:23:36 CDT 2010


I'm a newbie, but I've got BabasChess running (and several other applications) almost as good as in Windows. I'm using wine 1.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.

One plugin, BabasChessTalk,  does not work. It requires a windows .msi file: "Microsoft Speech API5". Wine FAQ 3.5 advises install it with "wine msiexec /i whatever.msi" , or "wine start whatever.msi" (substituting actual file name). But BabasChesTalk is still not working, neither do I know if the .msi file has been installed. Does the .msi file require a Windows application that uses it for BabasChessTalk to work?

Also, is it known why the "emotions" & "sound" buttons are not visible on any of BabasChess's windows? (I can receive sound tells, but not send. I can't receive or send smileys.)  


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