[Wine] Kings Bounty- Armoured Princess

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 21 20:32:01 CDT 2010

dj--alex wrote:
> I have legal russian version from Katauri
> Disc protected by StarForce and cannot be played on Linux
> how convert game To Steam ?
You cannot.  Steam has to offer this as an available option.  If you 
bought it through a legal source, perhaps you can talk them into taking 
it back and giving you your rubles back so you can buy it from Steam.

(Friendly advise given here.  This is NOT a Wine problem.  I know the 
answer here in the United States: Tough.  You did not read the box 
before buying, you own it.)
> they not helped me and give me r\o on forum ^((
As they should.  And this is off topic here as well.

James McKenzie

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