[Wine] Re: [Wine 1.3] Desktop integration with .msstyles

motub wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 21 21:32:48 CDT 2010

Thunderbird wrote:
> I wouldn't recommend to use themes in Wine in the first place. The current design of the Wine theming code is not correct (and it is also incomplete) which causes a lot of rendering issues and not to forget bad performance (most issues are not fixable in the current design). The only themes which are safe are color only themes.
I would actually agree with this to a great extent. I do use a textured theme, but I have noticed that I need to exclude certain/many applications to either increase their performance, or correct rendering errors that don't occur when the theme is off.

That said, however, that begs the question of why the file chooser is hanging in winecfg-- Lastcoder says that s/he cannot even choose a theme, because winecfg hangs when s/he tries to open the file chooser.

I would ask if this is the case in other areas of winecfg (or Wine applications in general on your system). For example, does winecfg hang if you try to select an application to add to the applications list (to set settings for a specific application distinct from the default settings), select a new drive mount point in the Drives tab, or set one of the desktop folders (desktop, my documents, my pictures, etc) to a different folder in the Desktop Integration tab? Do you have any installed Windows applications that require/allow you to select a file to open from a file chooser (such as Word, or a media player, or WinRAR or some such)? Are there any errors in the terminal to suggest why the file chooser is hanging? If so, please post them.

Hope this helps.

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