[Wine] Bugzilla should be application oriented

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 21 21:45:21 CDT 2010

fernandocarvalho wrote:
> [Idea] 
> And what about a feature to automatically send bug reports to the developers?
It exists and is called Wine-bugs.

As to the metabug feature you are requesting, that has been shot down 
more times than you would care to know.

The way that things work is:

Create entry in AppDb.  Rate as appropriate (Platinum is only for 
programs that work mostly flawlessly with NO substitution of code, 
patches or complete .dll files).

If an issue exists, create a bug report AFTER looking for similar 
sounding bug reports.  If an existing bug report exists, update it with 
the new program name and VOTE for the bug.

Link the bug report into the AppDB entry (otherwise duplicates and and 
will be created.)

Watch the bug report.  Sometimes it will take a long time for any 
activity as bugs are generally worked by 'experts' and these are usually 
function related.

If you have little or no Windows source exposure and know how to work in 
a clean-room building environment, you are always welcome to work on 
bugs.  Start small and work your way up....

James McKenzie

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