[Wine] registry editing (regdit)

sunshine1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 22 04:52:34 CDT 2010

I have pes6 but it's saying to me that it is not probably installed but I don't have the iso

to reinstall it I wanted to know how to put it's registry values into regedit there is some thing in the game can put them automaticly that was in xp now in ubuntu here is it



I wanna know how to put the code above in regdit

I will explain more I've downloaded pes6 rip so there is no iso to install it

those who ripped it are using some thing to make the game installed it called


this thing are puttin some registries to regedit after clicking on it I can't click on this thing by using wine only in xp I wish that was clear

my question is how to do that through wine?
whenever I clicked on reg.exe

It isn't opening

thanks in advance

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