[Wine] Re: Launching Source engine games results in crash, small res

ironzorg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 22 05:18:29 CDT 2010

DarksideEE7 wrote:
> The no-cd exe and battle.net patch file caused a message that said 'your installation is corrupt'.  I didn't spend much time on it though considering my copy is arriving tomorrow via UPS.

I tested with the campaign unlocker (and skirmishes).

I'm surprised nobody else reported the issue with the Source Engine, since those games a largely played. I dont have any hl2.exe based game installed on this computer actually, I might give tf2 and l4d a try (I can run Urbanterror, Dawn of War and Stronghold Crusader just fine, so we can assume its a source engine related issue).

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