[Wine] Re: World of Warcraft strange disconnect

nuanda73 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 22 07:57:32 CDT 2010

James Mckenzie wrote:
> They look that way to me.

You. I do not. World of Warcraft has a programmable interface. These directories can make your own icons.

> What is the problem, in layman's terms.  Is the game running just 'fine' and then 'all of a sudden' you get disconnected?  We need to see the log file from that time, not on program startup.  This means you have to start from a terminal session and then create a log file (I'm sure it will be huge, but that is the advantage of using Linux, you can remove the unnecessary bits using editors.)  Then post the log file to a site like pastebin.com and then post the URL to the file here.
> This saves space and we can determine if a bug report is required by looking at the file.
> The process of creating a logging file is described here:
> http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#get_log
> Also, we only support Wine installed versions of the game (even with Steam.)  Some programs will not work if copied from a Windows installation (I understand that WoW does not write registry keys, but there are other problems that can arise from using copied media.)  This is so we are certain that the problem does not lie in a poor installation that was done in Windows or from file permission restrictions.  Yes, there is a section on the WoW page on how to copy and move, and that is just fine for troubleshooting purposes.  

For you, reinstall the latest version from DVD (and patching). The situation is unchanged.

wine Wow.exe &> /tmp/wowlog.txt

Debug logs can do the following command:

But it was 4.9 GB, I do not want to ask anything. A little to my knowledge, that cut from the file last few hundreds row. But if you can help me do it and copy it.

> We do not support and cannot legally support Cedega installations.  We don't have the knowledge to determine if the problem lies with their program or Wine.

I do not want to help for Cedega, but I mentioned that it is tried.

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