[Wine] [Wine 1.3] wine changes gnome mime settings !

Lastcoder wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 23 10:24:10 CDT 2010

[Ubuntu 10.04/GNOME/Wine 1.3]

What the hell .. I discovered that wine changed a lot of MIME types !

[No, I didn't even install any applications with wine or changed anything with winecfg]

For example (mimeapps.list): "image/jpeg=wine-extension-jpg.desktop;wine-extension-jfif.desktop;wine-extension-jpeg.desktop;". Which 'causes GNOME trying to open a JPG with Internet Explorer (?) provided by Wine. 

This is far more of "desktop integration" than I ever wanted ...

After completely removing Wine I now have to set the settings back manually ... 

So long


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