[Wine] wine as default interpreter for exe files?

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Tue Aug 24 04:00:42 CDT 2010

Michael Renner <michael.renner at gmx.de> wrote:

> is there a way to configure bash in a way that all exe files are
> executed by wine, not direct? E.g. ./sol.exe should result in wine
> ./sol.exe anyhow.

AFAIK, no.  You would have to add a special-case hack somewhere in
either bash or kernel source code, somewhat along the lines of how
#! files are handled, but triggered by detecting the "MZ" signature
of a .exe file**.  It's probably easier to add a script (or alias,
or shell function) for each program of interest, along the lines of

  $ ls -l notepad
  -r-xr--r--  1 perryh  perryh  63 Aug 24 01:30 notepad

  $ cat notepad
  cd ~/.wine/drive_c/windows
  exec wine ./notepad.exe

This way, you don't even have to type the .exe :)


** or, perhaps, the .exe part of the name -- but looking for a
   signature within the file is more in keeping with the way
   Unix/Linux normally operate.

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