[Wine] ACD Labs 12.0 installs fine, runs fine for the first time

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 07:54:49 CDT 2010

hey Nikos,

Yes, i am aware they are both ticked off.  Unfortunately, i do not
have a solution for you, as i do not own this software.
I had thought it was a possibility that either the virtual desktop or
the other window parameters might
have an effect. (you also tried your combinations with/without the
virtual desktop enabled, right?).

I wouldn't think that a specific windows app, would handle maximizing
a window differently, so it is interesting
that it won't work for you.  I've never had this type of issue, and i
use wine a lot...weird.

if it were me, i would even poke around the registry, see what your
software has listed in there.  Maybe, there is something that will
stick out to you. I once had an app not start properly (it would start
and then close), i went through
the registry, a setting caught my eye, i played around a little, and
now the app works.

wine can be a strange beast!

sorry i do not have anymore advice,  have you googled around to see if
anyone else is using ACD labs in wine??? or checked the WineHQ appdb,
to see if it in fact works??? maybe in the manufacturers forums ( if
they got them ), there might be someone in there with a clue...?


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