[Wine] Re: Still can't install from NanoCorp

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 26 12:14:54 CDT 2010

Bob Benjamin wrote:
> Tried d3dx9 and it still crashed without trying to login to my 
> account. Output of d3dx9 is below and I didn't see a message that wine 
> updated or installed d3dx9. Did see one when I installed WMP9.
> benjie1 at benjie1:~$ sh winetricks -d3dx9
> Unknown arg -d3dx9
> Usage: winetricks [options] package [package] ... 

It didn't install it, because you didn't type the command properly. That's what that Unknonw arg message is telling you, followed by instructions for the correct usage. You need to start reading what's in the console. 

There's no "-" in the command. It's just

sh winetricks d3dx9

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