[Wine] Climate data logger ... !

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Thu Aug 26 20:06:53 CDT 2010

On 2010-08-26 (August, Thursday) 23:24:13 littleideas wrote:
> The program to read the sampled data in the data-logger can be installed
>  and started using WINE without problems. But the driver (which is
>  installed separately) which allows the Data-logger to be recognised by the
>  program on the USB port, cannot be installed.

	Hardware drivers will not work in Wine, sorry.

	However, from your post I understood that you have Windows. So you can 
download VirtualBox for Ubuntu 10.04LTS 64-bit: 

	Install it by running (assuming that you downloaded the file into current 
sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-3.2_3.2.8-64453~Ubuntu~lucid_amd64.deb

	And run it:


	If you never used it before, read documentation: 

	Set memory to recommended minimum for your version of Windows (in order to 
preserve as much as possible memory for Linux host) and then install Windows in 
it; then install your software (and the driver), plug-in your device and that's 
it. This isn't perfect solution, but it is better than dual-boot.

	If you have any question about VirtualBox please ask them at 
http://forums.virtualbox.org/ (but make sure to read VirtualBox documentation 

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