[Wine] Wine 1.2 on Mac Leopard, Civ4 startup error "Failed Initiating Python"

Michael Collins mercutio.viz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 15:21:27 CDT 2010

> Where did you get your version of Wine?  If it was from MacPorts or Fink, they have python installation packages you will have to get from them.  If not, I'm at a loss where you can get it.
I downloaded source from sourceforge.net and built it manually. It was
my understanding that the Python in Civ4 was embedded and that you did
not need to download it separately, although I'm sure I could do that.
I'll investigate.

> Also, please keep the conversation on the Wine Users list.  I am but one volunteer and there are hundreds that read the list and can assist when I cannot.
Apologies! On my other mailing lists I just hit "reply" instead of
"reply all" and it goes to the list address. Old habits. Thanks for
letting me know.

I appreciate your assistance.


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