[Wine] BioExplorer in Wine with HASP

dursting wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 29 03:29:23 CDT 2010

BioExplorer is a program for biofeedback. It comes with a USB dongle which must be plugged in for the program to start. The program automatically tries to install the drivers for Windows, but that doesn't work in Wine: The message "Cannot open HASP driver" appears when trying to run BioExplorer.

I have installed the (completely up-to-date) run-time system including driver from Aladdin (the manufacturer of the dongle) for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid), and there's contact from the administration center in the browser.

How do I get BioExplorer to recognize this dongle (i. e. tell it what and where the driver is)?

I am running wine-1.3.1, but had an attempt to patch 1.1.28 with Alexander Morozov's files for native Windows driver support. Didn't work (still "Cannot open HASP driver").

It appears that one of the drivers from the standard installation in Windows is called hardlock.sys; has this any connection to the error message: 'err: winedevice:ServiceMain driver L"Hardlock" failed to load' ? (This doesn't occur when hardlock.sys is removed). There are several other drivers in the Windows installation. How can I know which one is actually used?

One of the drivers included in the run-time installation from Aladdin is winehasp. This should be the one used for running HASP-requiring programs in Wine; how to tell BioExplorer to use that one?

lsusb shows the dongle with vid/pid, so the system can see something. How to tell which driver it uses? If it cannot see the appropriate driver, how do I tell it to use the right one?

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