[Wine] ISO as CDROM

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 29 19:13:05 CDT 2010

lvleph wrote:
> I do want to thank you for your help though, since I did realize that there was a better way to mount ISOs based on your questions.
Thank you.  I did not imply that you were a beginner.  I've made 
mistakes mounting cdroms as rw in the past.  The results were 'most 
interesting' when the system realized it could not write to the media.

I was asking the questions because if you cannot read the drive, then 
Wine cannot either.

Since you named the program, have you visited the Applications Database 
entry for the program:  

I did not find any 'hints/tricks' on how to install the program.  I have 
to make the assumption that it was from physical media and that the 
installations were successful.

James McKenzie

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