[Wine] Clipboard Syncing (does wine sync images or files)?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 29 21:37:05 CDT 2010

doh123 wrote:
> James McKenzie wrote:
>> Try copying a file from a MacOSX program that contains an image.  Then 
>> switch to GIMP and try and paste it.  If this works, then we can use 
>> GIMP to be the intermediary program to get it to Wine.  OpenOffice.org 
>> had this problem until it was switched from an X11 interface to AQUA.  
>> That took three years on the second attempt.  NeoOffice.og was the first 
>> and it took seven.
>> It should.  But we have to assume that folks are using MacOSX versions 
>> of X11, not MacPorts/XQuartz.
> Thats what I did... I can copy and paste just fine between GIMP in X11 and Pages and TextEdit.... back and forth
> No one should be using Wine with Apple's X11.  If they are, they should be told to get Xquartz just like people running old versions of Wine are told to get the latest version.  Since 10.6, a normal Xquartz install wont replace Apple's version anymore, you can have both.... so Apple updates and such don't break it like in 10.5.
I agree with the X11 comment, but WE have to ASSUME they are using the 
broken X11 and that they don't have enough experience or fortitude to 
want to upgrade to XQuartz.  Remember one of the selling points for Macs 
is "It works, out of the box".  Until the code is moved to Apple's X11 
that's what we have to deal with.

As far as your test, did you move images, text or both?

James McKenzie

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