[Wine] Wine sound

exu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 30 10:09:45 CDT 2010


I've been looking around trying to find a satisfying answer to my troubles.

I'm running:
Linux Mint9 x64 - gnome
Wine 1.2 - through software manager

My problem has to do with sound.

1. When starting a wine application that uses sound all other sound that is playing crashes. I can however play sound after a wine application is running.

2. Sound crashes if I try using two wine applications. That is, when the second one starts sound crashes. Just like in the case of sound being on before wine.

3. Sound also crashes when accessing the sound tab in winecfg.

I've tried disabling pulseaudio, but that doesn't help. 

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? 

My sound card is integrated on my motherboard which is a 

- exu

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