[Wine] Re: Warcraft III World Editor

eleljrk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 30 13:22:14 CDT 2010

The problem is the following:

Wine runs the program as 2D, but it's 3D (Causing map editing strange as the mouse is pointing somewhere and the item another place..)

The program eats CPU and cause heavy lag.

Some functions in the "Trigger Editor" does not work. (Such as one click selection of a trigger, you have to delete one trigger to select another one.. And you can't change name of the Triggers.)

Most of the tool bar is black and all other items in the editor is either missing a image or is black. The black isn't ALWAYS there.. It flickers. The images also comes up when you press on the button, so it does work somehow.

That's most of the problems..

My Graphical Driver VERSION: 195.36.24

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