[Wine] UFO Extraterrestrials - Version RU-20100428 + BMan's Mod

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 30 21:26:26 CDT 2010

PtG76 wrote:
> Greetings!..
> I'm asking an advice with UFO Extraterrestrials - Version RU-20100428 + BMan's Mod.
> First, I have to say, that I'm using Wine 1.2.1
> I have installed WineTricks and with thist script I installed MFC40.dll (without the installation didn't work).
> So, the game starts in vitrual desktop mode (1024x768) with flicker; the mouse works but with desync. No sound (Error initializing audio. Continuing silent. Error: 80070057). I had removed everything from /data/video.
These issues are in the Applications Database entry:  

Also, there is an additional bug report for the mouse issues at:


Please create a Bugzilla account and vote for this bug to confirm it 
still exists.  You might also want to update the Applications Database 
as well with your results as the latest report was over two years ago.

James McKenzie

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