[Wine] Antivirus for Mac Wine?

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 31 12:03:56 CDT 2010

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>wouldn't just running a Mac OS X version of Clam be better on your machine... 
>I think trying to run a Windows version of any anti-virus, all the time, would leave a wineserver running all the time and make it more likely of having
>something bad run.


I agree.  Install ClamAV Mac on your system and if you need ClamAVWin on Wine (to catch those nasties introduced through it).  However, don't leave Wine running just to run ClamAVWin and think your system is protected, only the Wine portion is and viruses and other nasties can come in by running a Mac based program.  That is why I have ClamAVMac on my Mac when my mail client is Thunderbird and my web browser is Firefox.  Malware written in bytecode for Firefox will run on a Mac just as easily as it will on a PC (since they both use Intel based processors.)

As to the question:  How do I protect Wine?  You can do it the way I described above, or you can forgo using IE/Firefox from within Wine.  This appears to not be an option for Steam procured games, however.  I have no experience with them as I don't have the time to research this at this time.

Just remember to stop Wine when you are done using it to reduce the chances that something bad will happen while you are away doing something else.

James McKenzie

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