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helmut.neureiter at neureiter.com helmut.neureiter at neureiter.com
Fri Dec 3 03:11:51 CST 2010

Dear list

I'm new to the list, so maybe my question was allready answerd. Anyway 
checking the faqs did not show an answer.

If I start a selfprogrammed windowsprogram on Windows, it shows one 
mainwindow and one insert in the taskbar.
On working, this program opens additional windows but the taskbar remains 
with only one insert.
If I start this program under wine, everything works as expected, except 
that each window opening shows an additional insert in the taskbar.
So having five windows open, there are also five inserts in the taskbar. 
Is there a configuration issue or is that behaviour 'normal' to wine?

Best regards


Ing. Helmut Neureiter
Goethestraße 16
8600 Bruck an der Mur
Tel/Fax +43 3862 53894
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