[Wine] Deconflict Unix Forward / and Windows Back Slash \ Directory

stvs wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 3 10:30:45 CST 2010

Is it possible to tell WINE to deconflict Unix-style forward slashes and Windows-style backslashes in directory names? I have a problem where a .EXE file goes looking for directory and file names that look like


[NOTE mixed forward slash and backslash / vs \ in full directory name]

The base directory "/home/base_dir" is passed to the .EXE (which it finds successfully), but then the .EXE appends its own subdirectory and files names with the incorrect backslash delimiter. Needless to say, the .EXE cannot find the files it needs. Passing in the base directory as "\home\base_dir" doesn't work at all because this syntax is incorrect on BSD.

Is there some flag or trick to tell WINE to interpret the correct directory syntax on BSD? I'm stuck with the executable I have.

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